sangeranalyseR: simple and interactive processing of Sanger sequencing Data in R

   September 01, 2019 - January 01, 2020

   Canberra, Australia

   Lanfear Lab, Division of Ecology and Evolution, Research School of Biology, Australian National University

   Sequence analysis

   Published   Genome Biology and Evolution

     Robert Lanfear  


I developed sangeranalyseR while working as a research assistant at the Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics Lab, led by Prof. Robert Lanfear during my exchange at the Australian National University. sangeranalyseR is now available on Bioconductor 3.12.

This package builds on sangerseqR to allow users to create contigs from collections of Sanger sequencing reads. It provides a wide range of options for a number of commonly-performed actions including read trimming, detecting secondary peaks, and detecting indels using a reference sequence. All parameters can be adjusted interactively either in R or in the associated Shiny applications. There is extensive online documentation, and the package can outputs detailed HTML reports, including chromatograms.

The workflow of sangeranalyseR.

  Source code & Documentation