Teaching assistant for the course Data Science Programming (CSX-4001)

Teaching Assistant, Center for General Education, National Taiwan University, 1900


CSX-4001 is a data sciecne course opened for students from all colleges at National Taiwan University. As a teaching assistant, I designed and taught interactive workshops explaining basics of Git, R Shiny application, and R package development. Moreover, I designed programming assignments, prepared additional materials, graded assignments and solved problems for students.

I was the TA for this course (in the middle of the first row); other people in the photo were students who took CSX-4001 course.
All CSX-4001 students on the final project presenting day.


  Final Project Videos

                        The final project presenting day for students. This is frist part of the video (Part I).                         
                        The final project presenting day for students. This is second part of the video (Part II).