Scientific calculator


The application we have implemented is a scientific calculator that includes basic functions, advanced mathematical operations, function calculation and graphing. We have achieved this as a group by splitting the components of the application into 4 distinct parts, being:

  • User Interface (Android front-end),
  • Tokenizer & Parser for mathematical operations,
  • Function based operations, and;
  • Graphical charting.
When a user enters the application they are greeted with the basic operations screen, that allows for basic operations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication.

The main user interface.
Left: the advanced functions user interface; right: the variables user interface.

At any stage, users can review their historical calculation output by navigating to the history tab. They can also change settings effecting calculations such as whether to use degrees or radians or the precision of calculation output by navigating to the final cog wheel option.

Left: the history user interface; right: the user preferences user interface.

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