Smart assistant chair


The elders are often incapable of standing up from a chair on their owns due to the lack of strength in their knees. They need an assistive technology device which can serve as their muscles. Therefore, we made "Smart Assistant Chair" to address the need. The device, which is activated by sensors noticing one is about to stand up, can alleviate the elders’ pain by utilizing a motor to elevate them. Moreover, an Android app was developed for data visualization and statistics of this chair. In this project, we have successfully constructed a “Smart Assistant Chair” prototype and went through some testing. We look forward to making it more stable in the future.

The main design structure of our "Smart Assistant Chair".
"Smart Assistant Chair" testing videos. The video on the left shows how the chair assists a person to stand up; the video on the right shows the Android app that I developed. It visualizes the information from the "Smart Assistant Chair".

  EE 3009 final project presentation slides

In the 3-person team, I was responsible for Android app development, program server deployment, presentation, and writing reports.

  EE 3009 final project report