Mar 2024

LiftOn, my new genome lift-over tool, is selected as a 10-min talk at RECOMB-Seq 2024. Friends, see you in Boston, MA – preprint coming soon!

Nov 2023

Thrilled to announce I’ve passed my Graduate Board Oral Exam! Huge thanks to Steven Salzberg, Mihaela Pertea, Ben Langmead, Liliana Florea, and Winston Timp for their invaluable service on my GBO committee.

Nov 2023

My co-authored paper introduces EASTR, a software tool designed to identify and eliminate inaccurately spliced alignment, has been published in Nature Communications!

Oct 2023

The paper I coauthored, CHESS 3, decribing a new human gene catalog, is now published in Genome Biology!

Aug 2023

My paper in iScience describes the fastest Wheeler graph recognition algorithm using renaming heuristics and SMT solver. See the WGT paper, check out GitHub and watch my RECOMB-Seq talk!

Jul 2023

I am thrilled to release Splam v1.0.2, a splice site predictor that enhances spliced alignments. Check out the Splam GitHub, preprint and documentation!

Jun 2023

My co-first author paper on analyzing protein interactome using co-elution data is published in Briefing in Bioinformatics. Great collaboration with HK Tsai Lab and Jun-Yi Leu Lab! See the paper here

Jan 2023

My paper in G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics describes the first gap-free assembly of a Han Chinese human, Han1. See the paper here

Oct 2022

We are releasing WGT, the first Wheeler Graph suite with the fastest recognition algorithm. It’s on bioRxiv now!

Aug 2022

We are releasing Han1, the first gapless, fully annotated Chinese Han genome. Check it out on bioRxiv!

Aug 2021

sangeranalyseR is awarded the Best Poster at Bioc2021. Check out my sangeranalyseR poster!

Mar 2021

My paper in Genome Biology and Evolution describes a new open source R package for processing Sanger sequencing data. See the paper here. It is available on Bioconductor.